Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Petition to Keep our President Very Safe

Eliminate armed guards for the President, Vice-President, and their families, and establish Gun Free Zones around them
Gun Free Zones are supposed to protect our children, and some politicians wish to strip us of our right to keep and bear arms. Those same politicians and their families are currently under the protection of armed Secret Service agents. If Gun Free Zones are sufficient protection for our children, then Gun Free Zones should be good enough for politicians.
Created: Dec 23, 2012
Won't you please help? You can sign the petition at We The People by following this link. As I type this, about 5,600 more signatures are needed by January 22nd to get an official response from the White House.

Isn't this the most obvious and best method to keep this and all future Presidents safe from harm? It works so well everywhere else that it has been tried; anti-gun politicians and voters wouldn't demand the continuance and expansion of such policies if they did not, right?

If it's good enough for us lowly subjects, then surely it is good enough for those who occupy the Office of the President. Actually, I take that back. Whatever is good enough for us, politicians deserve at least ten times more (except for things like health care that we're forced to participate in, prosecution for criminal acts, suffering the effects of monetary inflation by not getting pay raises, etc.). Sign today for a safer tomorrow!

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