Thursday, January 24, 2013

How Feinstein Will Make Iran Rich

Senator Diane Feinstein, one of Commiefornia's seemingly undead representatives to the Federal government, today unveiled her latest attempt to undermine the U.S. Constitution that she has many times falsely sworn to uphold. As the headlines have it:

What exactly does that mean? 
"New York Rep. Carolyn McCarthy expressed a similar sentiment saying, 'If they’re [assault weapons] not in the stores, they can’t be bought.'"
Presumably, there simply won't be any more evil black guns for sale, existing ones will wear out and break, and magically there won't be any at all!

The stupidity of these two (and others) on this issue is very similar to how this same crowd views taxation. I wrote something about that almost exactly one year ago today, a post about tax windfalls people like these two think they can count on simply because they've raised tax rates.

Obviously taxation and gun control are two different topics, but in both cases the people who come up with this crap always forget the most important thing: people react!

If you raise taxes, past a certain point people will stop ignoring it and begin avoiding them (which is what that post from a year ago is about), and projected revenue from an increase of X percent never materializes. You don't get the result you want from a dynamic environment simply because you've made a rule! When it comes to firearms, if you try to prevent them from being available in one place, and if people still want them, they'll be made available somewhere else and people will still have them.

Drugs, anyone?

Ban all you want, Feinstein, we will still have guns, and lots of them. See, much like the myopic "thinking" that goes into those tax proposals, your ideas about making guns just go away ignores the simple fact that anything you try to ban can be made anywhere else in the world! (And, just because you've banned something, that doesn't mean you've eliminated demand for it.) Somewhere else on the globe, someone will step up to produce the firearms that we still want, and there's a good chance that some of those folks won't give a damn about smuggling them into the U.S.

Like Iran:

For six years, a group of independent arms-trafficking researchers worked to pin down the source of the mystery cartridges. Exchanging information from four continents, they concluded that someone had been quietly funneling rifle and machine-gun ammunition into regions of protracted conflict, and had managed to elude exposure for years. Their only goal was to solve the mystery, not implicate any specific nation.
When the investigators’ breakthrough came, it carried a surprise. The manufacturer was not one of Africa’s usual suspects. It was Iran.
Iran has a well-developed military manufacturing sector, but has not exported its weapons in quantities rivaling those of the heavyweights in the global arms trade, including the United States, Russia, China and several European countries. But its export choices in this case were significant...
...And for the past several years, even as Iran faced intensive foreign scrutiny over its nuclear program and for supporting proxies across the Middle East, its state-manufactured ammunition was distributed through secretive networks to a long list of combatants, including in regions under United Nations arms embargoes.
That's just one example from another continent and a different entity trying to ban an activity, but the idea is the same: somewhere, people want arms and ammunition, someone else meets that demand. There are rules in place that forbid the trade, but the folks meeting the demand find ways around the barriers and the people who want the goods don't care how they got there. Besides Iran, there are no doubt others out there that would be only too happy to keep us well-supplied with small arms and ammunition. Many of them are probably just as despicable as the regime that rules Iran, and thanks to idiots like you, Feinstein, they'll be that much wealthier.

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