Monday, January 07, 2013

Realty Income Wants to Pay Me More

I saw this piece of news this morning. Needless to say, it made me happy:

Realty Income raises bid for American Realty

Realty Income adds $55.5M in cash, higher dividend to American Realty Capital Trust bid
"Realty Income Corp. added a cash payment totaling $55.5 million and increased its annual dividend to sweeten an offer to buy American Realty Capital Trust Inc...
...[Realty Income] also said it will increase its annual dividend by 35 cents to $2.17 per share starting next month. That's up 22 cents from the dividend increase Realty Income estimated when the deal was announced.
If the acquisition doesn't close, Realty Income's board will raise the annual dividend by 10 cents per share."
The complete article can be found here.

This is great news for me for two reasons, the first one being obvious: my investment in Realty Income Corp. (ticker symbol: O) will now pay me more per month. At present, based on my cost basis in O, I receive a yield of fractions more than 5%. After this deal goes through, my yield will jump to 5.97% (and if the deal doesn't go through, then I still get an increase to 5.28%). I have this position set to compound, so over time this will just get better and better.

The other reason this is great news is that I own my O shares in my Personal Social Security Privatization Roth IRA.

So, while the account I created with funds momentarily spared from SS theft grows in value and revenue, without forcibly taking money from anyone else's paycheck, Social Security promises to pay less and less while robbing you, me, and everyone else who works in this country, all the way to its inevitable crash.

I believe this calls for (another) whiskey, both to toast this bit of good fortune, and because Social Security is still robbing you, me, and everyone else who works in this country. 

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