Sunday, February 24, 2013

How To Properly Address A Locust Voter

I think I may have coined a new term, as I cannot find "locust voter" by doing a quick online search. Apologies to anyone who has been using the term before me, if any, but as I define it, a "locust voter" is someone who moves out of whatever dysfunctional, leftist hell hole they were living in and into a more free, vibrant locality to enjoy the economic and social benefits there, but who then begins demanding the establishment of the laws and practices of the place they moved from, those things largely being responsible for the miserable conditions of their former home. 

Take this example:

"Get out of here.
That was one Wyoming state representative’s message to a resident who contacted him recently stating her opposition to a bill that would have allowed people with concealed carry permits to carry guns in public schools, colleges and sporting events.
Rev. Audette Fulbright had emailed all state legislators, including Republican Rep. Hans Hunt, earlier this month to say she and her husband had just moved to Wyoming and were “seriously reconsidering” their decision amid the proposed expansion of gun laws...
...“I know of other new-to-Wyoming families in similar contemplation. Your choices matter. It would be sad to see an exodus of educated, childrearing age adults from Wyoming as a result of poor lawmaking,” she wrote.
Hunt’s response? “By all means, leave.”
Typical. As one comment posted in response to the article mentions, if you read between the lines of Fulbright's letter, the implication is "if you don't agree with what I think is right, you're uneducated/backwards/stupid, etc., and if I don't get my way I'll leave and you'll be poor because you're nothing without my amazing presence." Lovely.

In addition to her unsubstantiated firearms hysteria, Fulbright demands that the long-time residents of her new home suffer an economic apartheid: while she clearly had the resources to relocate to Wyoming without needing the economic benefits of fracking, she would gladly leave her new neighbors, many of whom probably have been there long before she ever thought of moving in, poor (Fulbright is a Unitarian Universalist minister, and speaking purely in terms of what clergy members represent to a community economically, she really doesn't contribute jack by being there, so her presence is definitely NOT a replacement for the industrial development she opposes). Just compare the unemployment rate of North Dakota (where energy development is blazing away) and Wyoming with the unemployment rate of her former home, Virginia. Fulbright left a place with greater unemployment, is now apparently comfortable in her own financial situation, and she's in turn comfortable with forcing Wyoming to endure greater unemployment than it needs to.

There are plenty of places Fulbright could have moved to that already feature these policies that she's demanding now in Wyoming. But she didn't move to those places. Why? Because they suck, and they suck because of some of the very things she's demanding. She deliberately chose the greener pastures of a place not blighted and destroyed by those idiotic ideas, and now she wants to consume the benefits while attacking their maintenance and continuance. Fulbright already has hers, so now she wants the liberties of everyone around her restricted (and of course, it's because she knows what's best for you). Just like a locust: swarm in, consume everything, render a location barren, then move on to the next better spot.

There is absolutely no good reason to cater to the whims of people like this or apologize to them for your own beliefs and way of life. The best thing you can do is exactly what Rep. Hunt did: tell the locust voter to go pound sand.

Doing so might convince the locust voter to move on (doubtful, but it's worth a try). It can also attract the opposite of the locust voter: individuals who relocate to places not so they can begin clamping down on the liberties of their neighbors, but so they can enjoy living their own lives and leave others to do the same. These types of people don't come in looking to limit possibilities (opportunity), and in so doing the result is that possibilities flourish. If you can keep those kinds of people coming to a particular location, you stand a chance of repelling the locusts.

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American Standard said...

As someone who is fleeing California for Arizona... I have already heard from several Arizonans who have warned me to not be a locust voter. This is actually heartening to me. It shows that the people of AZ care enough about their State to not let it go the way of CA.

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