Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WA HB 1588 Survives Committee, Goes To House Floor

An update to what I wrote previously about Washington House Bill 1588, a "universal" background check bill:

The bill made it through committee today, receiving 7 votes for to 6 opposed. The history and text of the bill can be found here.
As I said before, one of my House reps, Maureen Walsh, owner of Onion World, is a cosponsor of the bill. I'll repeat what I've said about her in regard to this bill: she has lost my support in any future campaign for elected office she might undertake, and I will never again patronize her business. Anti-liberty statists like her do not deserve my support in any form.

My other House rep, Terry Nealey, voted against the bill in committee. I wrote to thank him for that and to encourage him to repeat his "no" vote on the House floor.
There are 38 sponsors of this bill. In the House there are 98 representatives. 50 votes on any bill is a majority. If the 38 sponsors of this bill can be counted as "yes" votes, then this vile trash is only 12 votes away from passing the House. 
This is a universal gun registration bill.
I did not type that by mistake. I'll repeat: THIS IS A UNIVERSAL GUN REGISTRATION BILL. The bill is for universal background checks and contains no language calling for universal registration. However, it cannot work without universal registration. Why? It's simple. Thirteen words defeat the whole thing:

"I've owned all of my firearms since before the law was passed, officer."

There is no need for anyone to comply with this law when conducting a private sale/purchase of a firearm simply by not seeking the background check and not reporting the sale. Anyone found to be in possession of a firearm would need only to claim ownership of it since before the passage of this bill, if it does pass. Absent a complete record of who owns what in this state, there isn't a way to prove that you purchased the weapon(s) in question privately after the law was passed.
There is no way that these treasonous legislators who sponsored this monstrosity will allow that to happen. These would-be tyrants are not going to let this kind of control slip through their fingers so easily.

If you care about your 2nd amendment and your Article 1, Section 24 rights (click here if you've never heard of that one before, especially if you live in Washington), start writing your state representatives and your senator NOW. You can find yours here.

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