Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More People Doing the Health Insurance Math

A good read that I found this morning, thought it appears that the author isn't aware that the IRS has no authority to force you to pay the Obamacare fine for not having an approved insurance policy.
Now I understand that the system as designed under ObamaCare needs people like me to buy insurance precisely because I will spend more on insurance than I would consume in services, and that means my dollars are subsidizing someone else's care. They made it mandatory because they knew people like me would have no incentive to buy if they didn't. But avoiding the $750 tax penalty is not enough of an incentive to get me to pay $5,000 for something I'm getting now for less than $2,000.
His reasoning is solid, and it should definitely be given consideration by everyone, but especially by younger folks. You've already been screwed over in so many ways by people who are older than you, who rigged the system to extract a comfortable living from you and leave you poor. Don't let them do it to you again in this way, too. 

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