Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I Thought It Was The UK

I saw a link to this video last night, "Knife Wars," which was briefly described as a Star Wars spoof video on "knife rights," or the right to keep and bear cutting utensils. I felt amused and assumed that this was a video about one aspect of life in the island prison known as the UK, but to my dismay I discovered when I pressed play on the video that it's about places all across the United States:

Well, that sucks.

Except to statist idiots of all stripes, be they ringleaders or bleating followers, the inherent right to keep and bear arms is an obvious corollary of self-ownership, access to weapons of any and all kinds being necessary for the preservation of one's own life (if you need a particular tool to fit that job, it's immoral for another to restrict your access to it, be that knives or shoulder-fired rockets). It was with at least some relief then that I saw that much of the video details successful efforts to tear down "laws" restricting possession of various types of knives, and carrying them in certain contexts.

One part that made me laugh out loud, basically because it's no surprise at all: at roughly the 1:28 minute mark, a portion of the scrolling text reads, "Federal civil rights lawsuit against NYC (New York City) continues." What else can you expect from the preeminent nanny city-state of the U.S.?

I guess this one caught my eye because of efforts underway here in Washington state to further restrict access to firearms for everyone. An initiative that passed with the votes of just 32% of registered voters here last month, I-594, seeks to criminalize transfers of firearms between consenting persons, while also building a back door firearm registry via the "screening" process the "law" creates. So not only do we now have the insult of the background check safety blanket nonsense that statists clamor for (nonsense, because criminals do not care what laws and procedures are dreamed up by these fools), but we now have the foundation of a confiscation mechanism in place: gun registries realistically only serve the purpose of cataloging who has what, and largely where, to make it easy for authoritarians to kick down doors and take them all.  Since that is paired up with statutory language making "criminals" out of persons who seek to engage in peaceful, consensual transfers of property, it's a rights-destroying bomb waiting for a would-be dictator to press the button on it.

Fortunately there's a great deal of visible, loud push back occurring, some of which I've personally been involved in as an openly-armed participant. Many of us are simply done obeying "laws" such as this, which are both insulting and injurious to self-ownership and the absolute rights that confers on each individual, and are victimless "crimes." 

These things are our right and we will not ask permission to exercise them. That's all there is to it.


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