Saturday, January 17, 2015

Washington State: Not The Worst For Retirees, But Inslee Is Trying

This morning I saw a link to a Kiplinger piece posted back in September on states that tax retirees the hardest, and after flipping through it I saw a link to a list of the states that are the easiest on them.

The worst.

My state, Washington, is not on either list. 

You have to love this "taxation without representation" thing that Inslee has going on, how he wants to just do stuff by decree now. He didn't come up with the idea without help, of course. Maybe we could dump Inslee into Puget Sound? (I'm sure he would scream for the completion of an environmental impact statement first as he tipped over the edge of the plank, lol.)

Aside from the simple fact of .gov making life harder by reducing my disposable income for its own
ends (it exists for its own sake, definitely not to serve us), the thing about this stuff that really eats at me is what it means for the business pursuits I have: as I build these things up and watch them come to fruition, I do so knowing that I will eventually tear them back down before I flee this place for a friendlier environment. 

Any business is essentially a means to an end, but if one puts his or her heart and soul into it, especially into work one truly loves doing, then one also wants to imagine their creation becoming a legacy and enduring forever. It becomes more than something you do, something outside of yourself; it is you. Knowing that looters like Inslee are waiting in the wings with an army of parasites to pounce on any successes, however, naturally makes one want to protect their work, which is an extension of themselves, by doing the only thing that is a truly effective defense against the kind of violence Inslee promotes and represents: withdraw it from the world.

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