Monday, March 11, 2019

College Is A Scam

I found this Spongebob meme a few minutes ago.

It's accurate. I've been on both sides of this particular fence, so I know from experience that it's true.

College guarantees you one thing: college administrators (and tenured professors) are going to make a lot of money on your degree. Do you get that? THEY will DEFINITELY get paid. You? Maybe. MAYBE. And that's a "maybe" WITH INTEREST. POSSIBLY FOR DECADES.

Trades? If you have a job, you're making money. There's a good chance that you can learn the trade while doing it, getting paid to learn rather than paying to learn. If it's an in-demand trade, you'll make a lot of money. And in many cases you can strike out on your own and make even more. That's how it ended up in my case.

If you've ever wondered why "educated" types bash trades and non-college routes after high school so much, this is it: they don't get paid unless you buy into their bullshit.

They give a fuck about making their money, and none about you.

Further reading: Worthless by Aaron Clarey.

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