Sunday, March 10, 2019

FBI Releases Pro-2nd Amendment Statement

This was originally published last May, and the FBI document it references was released last April, but it popped up again this morning because someone at Western Journal modified the article in some way: FBI Releases Pro-2nd Amendment Statement, States the Importance of Armed Citizens in America.

The heart of the matter, as I see it:
"According to Timothy Hsiao for The Federalist, it is not a matter of if guns increase violence, but if they are a good means of self-defense.

“What matters is not the risk (or lack thereof) that guns pose to society, but simply whether guns are a reasonable means of self-defense,” wrote Hsiao, adding that to defend one’s life is a basic dignity that cannot be taken away in the name of “social utility.”

“Rights function as moral ‘trump cards’ that override appeals to utility,” he said. “Like our right to life, our right to defend ourselves is a basic dignity that can’t be defeated just because it might produce a net benefit.”
Right now here in Washington state the socialist/communist democrats are putting on a full-court press against our 2A rights. They're proposing to ban this, ban that, require registration of X, Y, and Z, and they're trying to make it harder to get a concealed carry permit.

Because everyone knows that criminals are always looking to pay the fees, get fingerprinted, and have background checks run on them with the FBI so that they can get their permits.


All of this is riding on a wave of "feels" and it's being pushed along by all of you dupes that live in the western half of Washington state. A couple million of you morons honestly think that you can wish away gun violence with a vote, and that all gun owners are the same. So you enthusiastically endorse "laws" that can only accomplish one thing: stop those who adhere to the laws of the land in the first place from doing whatever prohibited thing you dream up to prohibit tomorrow.

The people who are or will attack others with firearms (or whatever else) will do so anyway. And no, you are not going to cut off the supply of firearms with the next "brilliant" idea you come up with next, because someone out there will always be looking to make and sell the firearms for which there is always a high demand; Pandora's box is open, you cannot put guns back in it!

All that "technical" stuff aside, there's the moral heart of the matter that Hsiao's quote drives at: I have a RIGHT to defend myself, and that puts a moral obligation ON YOU to leave me alone to do so in the best way and with the best tools that I can. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to impose these restrictions on me. You do not suddenly acquire that right by banding together with a group of people who all bleat the same thing, no matter how many of you there are versus me. That is the nature of a right: it springs from me, from my ownership of my life and my interest in defending and preserving it, and you have no natural claim on my life. As such, you cannot dictate to me how I will go about defending and preserving it.

I know, I know. You smug libtards will just say "well we passed a law."

Yeah, you did.

Once, only a few generations ago, various totalitarian governments passed laws that said you could take people from their homes, load them onto rail cars and take them to labor camps where it was perfectly legal to work them to death.

Rights? Well, they passed a law!

And now, that's you. Using the exact same logic.

Congratulations, libtards. You're all Nazis now.

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