Monday, April 12, 2010

Costa Rica: Not Just For Flippant Blog Remarks

The other day I mentioned doing a bit of research into costa rica property. At times people may throw things out there like that, sort of like "screw this, I'm just going to go join the French Foreign Legion." I'm serious though.

Costa Rica, other places, I've been looking into homes away from home (preferably warm - I'd like to skip winter for the rest of my life, thanks). To be precise though, I'm actually thinking in terms of "insurance home" away from "probably soon to be destroyed home."

I feel basically nothing but pessimism toward the future of the U.S. anymore. Sure, I suppose there's hope to be had in November of this year, but I wonder what damage will be done between now and then, what the opposition to the Obama regime might do to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and I wonder about the degraded state of the moral fiber of average Americans. There are so many people running around this place now who think it's morally correct to take from the productive to feed an ever swelling population of non-productive people, regardless of the reason the latter has for not being productive, and that to not do so would be a moral wrong. They proclaim rights that do not exist and, when it's momentarily convenient to their ends, they deny the validity of rights that do exist. How do we talk them out of this insanity in time? I used to think it was possible, now I'm not so sure. Whatever good does come of this November's midterm elections, I already think of it only as buying some time for my plans, not a reversal of national fortunes. (Even if it does lead to another conservative revolution, for how long? I've already seen one come and go in my lifetime, and look at how low we've sunk in such a short amount of time since it ended.)

So, with apologies to my ancestors who sacrificed much to get here, I don't think my future lies in the U.S. any longer. While we're busy jumping down into the inky darkness of the chasm that is collectivism, nations around the globe are climbing out. Humanity has made itself increasingly mobile, and as a result capital is vastly more so than it has ever been. Capital can flee a hostile place such as what the U.S. is becoming very quickly; to have a good life, you have to be close behind it and go where it goes.

Infuriating as this is, and as sick, evil and wrong as the people are who are pushing this socialist crap on us, I don't think I can fight them. Physically fight them, I mean. While I do regard what is happening as an attack upon the U.S., I do have to acknowledge that despite the ignorance and laziness of the citizens who accept and even cheer for this destruction, they are choosing it more or less freely. If it's what they really want, I have no right to use force to prevent them from having it. All I can do if I don't want a part in it is to leave, reserving force only for the day where they attempt to physically prevent me from leaving, if that ever happens. So far that is not the case, so when I am ready to I will simply go.

These are disappointing, depressing thoughts to have, but they are mine. If nothing else, one day I'll at least get to sit on a beach with an umbrella drink in one hand and say from a place of prosperity to a nation in ruins, across whatever ocean is between us, "I told you so."

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