31 March 2019

Alternative Investing: Arkadia Moon Deeds in Entropia Universe

At the beginning of last year I wrote about Arkadia Moon Deeds within the MMO game, Entropia Universe. They are an alternative investment I have, one of several within the Entropia Universe, that make up a tiny sliver of my investments.

That post can be found here.

I wanted to write a quick update on the status of this investment, quick because I have to get on the road for a two-to-three day business project (on a weekend... ugh; as I say, "it has to be like this for now, so that it won't be like this forever).

As I predicted, the income from these deeds would be erratic at first, then stabilize and perhaps eventually grow. As of late, they have begun to pay 1 PEC daily (a Project Entropia Cent) daily. In the Entropia Universe Web Shop,  the minimum number that can be purchased at once is five deeds for $30 USD, or $6 USD each.

Project Entropia Dollars (PED) are pegged to the USD at 10:1. As such, $30 invested would yield .05 PECs daily, or 18.25 PED annually, which is roughly $1.83 USD, a yield of 6.08% annualized (before adjusting to find the tax-equivalent yield, that is, which is individual; in my case it comes out to 7.8%).

The deeds do not yet trade in the secondary market in-game, which will begin after all of them are sold via the web shop. The latest news I have seen on the number sold puts the remaining unsold inventory at 54k deeds out of 200k. The other deeds in the game that these are modeled on went on to appreciate significantly in price in the secondary market, the first deeds ever introduced to this day trading at roughly double their par value, and the second issue to follow, Arkadia Underground deeds, presently sit at a premium of roughly 50% over their par value.

30 March 2019

This Line Tells A Story

 Yesterday while on my way to a new client's home, I came across this:

I think I know what the real story is behind this swerving line.

But the one I imagined, that story made me laugh out loud. :)

15 March 2019

The Bachelor's Degree Could Not Be Reached For Comment

I came across this piece on Yahoo Finance this morning.

I read it twice.

Not once do they mention the millennial student debt poster girl's bachelor of arts degree field.

She's $90k in debt over it.

Anyone want to guess what her degree is in? lol

Read it here: Millennials are so buried in debt they can't buy into American Dream of owning a home

Further reading:

02 March 2019

$24k Net to "Structural Financial Independence" and the Test Drive I Took in January

One thing that never ceased in my absence from blogging over the past year is my efforts toward getting myself to the point where passive income sources could sustain me. That is, my annual household budget funded without working.

I keep track of all of that stuff and plan my strategies for getting there with the aid of several spreadsheets I've built. Basically, I have them set up to show me where I am now versus where I would be if I were to cash out of everything that is a) not already in my dividend income portfolio (excluding retirement accounts and real estate), and then b) move all of the resulting funds into that portfolio and plug it in.

This gives me a running tally on where my assets stand in terms of their value versus their yield potential, such that I can pursue non-income investments while still aiming for a passive income goal.

To bring it all down to a simple bottom line, the spreadsheet culminates in the net amount I need to earn from work each week, assuming I've moved everything into my income portfolio. When that number reaches zero or goes negative, it means I have hit what I call "structural financial independence," the point at which I am positioned to flip that switch and make it happen, even if I have not.

At that point, radically changing my financial life (my entire life, really) becomes "when I want to" rather than "when I can afford it."

As of this morning (while I type here and use my blog to procrastinate a bit before I do my weekly business and personal accounting...), I am $24.3k net away from hitting that "zero point" (precisely, as of this moment it would flip to -$1.68 per week that I would need to earn). The source of this income will be my business; thus, achieving structural financial independence later this year is practically a fait accompli as my existing book of business is worth far more.

I doubt that I'll drop everything and stop working once I reach this point. There's still a lot of things I can and should do to make my passive income machine robust, and continuing to operate my business is the best source of income with which to do that.

However, it will become optional rather than necessary, and the metric by which I decide how to use my time will change dramatically: it will be about what I'd enjoy doing more, rather than what I need to do.

Keeping track of everything as I have has made it possible to see the light at the end of the tunnel and know where I stand in relation to it, and as such, I took advantage of that knowledge and went off the path early this year for a little bit of play: in late December and into the middle of January, I was in Brazil.

Hanging out on the island of Ilha Grande, Brazil

One of the general outline, "fuzzy" goals I have for my financial independence is to stop putting up with winter. I hate the cold, I hate the snow, I hate the ice. I hate the added danger they bring to everyday activities. I get zapped by static electricity all the time. I can't keep the skin on my hands from drying out to the point that it cracks and bleeds. The endless gray days just suck the life out of me.

Fuck winter. Bottom line: Fuck. Winter.

So, knowing that I'm reaching the point where I can ease back on the work throttle a bit, I did. Last summer a friend invited me along on this approximately three week trip, so I jumped at the chance. It was the first time I've gone overseas in a non-military capacity (other than Canada and Mexico, that is), giving me the opportunity and the necessity to get my passport, finally.

And so a bit more than a month ago, there I was, in the southern hemisphere, experiencing summer in January. I was also there secure and relaxed in the knowledge that everything was paid for, that my affairs were continuing to run and fund themselves without me needing to be at work or looking in on them every single day, and that I had earned it. I finally experienced a dream, escaping from winter, and I was able to enjoy doing it, to be there basically without worries about how to sustain it.

And then something more happened, something that I haven't experienced in decades: I lost track of time. I'd find myself forgetting what day of the week it was, and other than where the sun was in the sky, not entirely sure of what time of day it was. Where I was and what I was experiencing began to take on a feeling of stretching out forever, and it was awesome!

This is the best of what I could have hoped for with this little test, that I could break away from work, not financially, but mentally. For a number of years I've been worried that when I get to this point that I'd be so addicted to working that I wouldn't be able to let myself stop. I'm aware of a "workaholic" tendency within myself, but I feel like this little test went so well that I may just be a bit over-pessimistic about that topic, and maybe it's just a case of not knowing myself as well as I think I do. Now, I think I'm going to do just fine.

And I think that very soon, not only will I be working if I choose to, but I'll also be cold if I choose to... :)

01 March 2019

What About All That Bitcoin Stuff You Used To Write About?

It's true, I haven't used my blog for quite a while, and the last time I did I was updating on crypto stuff almost daily.

My last entry was in April of last year.

Given the seasonal swings of my main profession, pest control...

That was also during the big drop from $20k/BTC to where it is today (about $3.8k at the moment). All other cryptos experienced the same. The entire story then (and before, really) became about one thing: the price.

(And no, I haven't lost anything because a) you don't lose money unless you sell out of a down position and realize a loss, and b) I have an average price per coin of $800 anyway.)

There was and still is so much more going on under the hood, but the price continues to be the only thing people focus on.

Reports are starting to emerge now that the price action appears to be changing. There's been a series of "up" days that occurred in these past few weeks, and within the last 24 hours stories are beginning to appear talking of "accumulation."

The main thing I've been keeping tabs on, however, is Bakkt.

Is the "crypto winter" over? Who knows. It doesn't cost anything to HODL, so that's what I've been doing (other than nibbling at BTC a bit around the $3200-$3500 range).

I just keep in mind what I witnessed when I was a fledgling stock broker back in late 2001, early 2002: shares of Amazon at $4, after having been as high as $400. And now...

My Blog Is Better Than Facebook

I spend a fair amount of my free time online. That's for constructive purposes and for entertainment purposes, with the bulk of that time going to entertainment (a lot of my constructive online stuff is on autopilot, so I don't have to spend much time with it all). For years a lot of that time went into Facebook.

To rephrase: a lot of that time went into enriching a bunch of openly hypocritical libtard pricks.

If you're using social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc., you're pretty much working for free building something extremely valuable. You, me, and everyone else around the world pushed Facebook's revenue to around $56 BILLION (USD) last year.

Long story short: they basically take your demographic info, displayed interests (group affiliations, clicks on links, interactions with others, etc.) and market that information. Advertisers pay a pretty penny for it because it's considered to be highly filtered, precise information that can be used to make efficient, high return advertising spends.

How much of that cash flow did you see?

Right, none. Me neither. And another long story short, I'm done enriching those left wing lunatic, anti-west, anti-tradition, pro-degeneracy, and openly anti-white racists any longer.

Their site makes them money and costs me my time and my dignity. My blog makes me money in exchange for my time; why spend any of my time for the benefit of those assholes at Facebook? I've decided then that content I create online should be that which can fill my pocket instead. So, here I am, dusting this blog off (again).

If you are going to use Facebook, take my advice: create a fictitious persona with as little demographic info provided (and none if it based on you). The data they sell to advertisers becomes complete trash if people on their network are all operating behind anonymous avatars...

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