Sunday, May 29, 2011

Red Green: How To Kill Bees

I seem to be on a video kick lately (that's better than my bad habit of not posting though!).

I found this clip particularly funny because I work in pest control. This is definitely not the method I would use in this scenario, and I really don't think you should try this at home.

If the problem really is honey bees, I call a beekeeper to come and collect them. Most of the time my clients say "bee" generically and the pest is actually yellowjackets, hornets, paper wasps, etc., in which case I destroy the nest with an insecticide application (any stragglers that survive won't live long without the support of their hive).

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Youtube: Ultimate Dog Tease

I saw this on Facebook last night. I can't honestly say why this makes me laugh when I watch it, but it does. The video was first posted to YouTube on May 1st; is has since logged over 28 million views. Apparently, I'm not alone!

Then I spotted this other video. It seems the Canadians have their own greeting beavers:

There's plenty more featured at the Talking Animals channel on YouTube. Have fun!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quicken 2008 is dead; time for something Gnu?

Over two years ago I wrote a post about a problem I had been having with Quicken 2008. That post, Quicken 2008 One Step Update Problem: Privoxy, Vidalia, Internet Explorer Link to OL Error Code Issues, continues to get a few dozen hits each day.

Quicken 2008's time has come and gone. Intuit, the makers of Quicken, have phased 2008 out by terminating its online support. You can no longer synch your accounts through automatic updates. This I can understand from the server-side, since Intuit is developing new products and does not want to continue to devote limited resources to older ones. What I cannot understand, and find extremely obnoxious, is that Intuit has apparently also killed off the ability of Quicken 2008 to process data downloaded manually from your financial institutions.

If you've come to my blog because of the 2008 fix post I wrote because you now find yourself with this problem, I'm sorry to say that it appears there is no fix this time. Intuit is attempting to force you to upgrade to the latest version of Quicken.

I'm not interested. The 2008 version of Quicken does everything I need it to, and could continue to do so without requiring the on-going support of Intuit if only they had not blocked my ability to import data that I download directly from my financial institutions' websites. That, I think, was an unnecessary, predatory move on Intuit's part.

That's why I am exploring alternatives. They exist, some, such as GnuCash, are free, and there's a good chance that they will perform just as well, maybe even better, than Quicken. Since Intuit is apparently set on periodically attempting to mug its customers, trying the alternatives is potentially a profitable move on your part.

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