Monday, June 25, 2012

From 1200+ to... 56

 My blog cleanup effort is complete, and with only a few exceptions to my arbitrary "100 page views or you're out of here" rule, my total post count has been taken down by over 1100 posts! I think I can stop cutting.

Why do this? I'm not entirely sure, honestly. It really shouldn't matter how many posts are here since this isn't a book - you don't have to turn pages until you get to what you want, you can just search and have it right away. This project does seem to have answered one thing loudly and clearly, however:

What do people who visit this blog like to read about?

The answer, it turns out, is primarily things about finance. Articles I've linked to and commented on that deal with economics are popular, as are various pieces I've written about some stocks I do own or have owned, or have considered buying. Budgeting and debt reduction seem to be popular topics at times, too (budgeting is the more popular of the two; less painful, perhaps?).

Then there's the all-time favorite piece here on this blog, a post I wrote almost four years ago about a particular Quicken malfunction and how I eventually resolved it. That one post is responsible for almost 10% of all page views on this blog, which totals close to 65,000 at this point in time!

I'll definitely have to keep these things in mind going forward. Like I said, the Internet being what it is, it really doesn't matter in terms of accessibility how many posts are on this thing that never get any attention. The traffic-producing posts and the posts that are completely ignored do take time to write, however; time is wasted writing posts that few to none are interested in reading. I should work on avoiding that. I shouldn't keep avoiding the blog, however. That said...

None of this explains my recent absence

The simple explanation as to why I've been away from this thing for four months is that I have a growing business to run, and since late March I have been back in the classroom, somewhere I never thought I would find myself again, teaching introductory Western philosophy part-time. At times these two things don't leave time for much else. In such a scenario, what isn't particularly interesting and completely optional tends to get selected against.

As to what I've done here in the last day or so, I can say that it's been hard to stay interested in my own project without it having a sharper focus, so perhaps this pruning will help me to achieve that. Looking back on what I have tried with this project before, I think the basic problem is the idea that there should be content posted to the blog daily. Having just eliminated 95% of my posts, which were basically being ignored, and retaining the remainder that get all of the attention, I think I can safely put that mistaken notion to bed. Write fewer posts; maintain a greater focus on a few topics; this doesn't have to be a daily thing. Got it.

Where to go from here?
  • Finance (obviously, and in all of its forms - investing, budgeting, etc.). In particular...
  • Passive income
  • Helpful tech advice (when possible; this isn't my strong suit)
  • Bits of philosophy related/relevant to the general theme of the blog
  • Business, particularly aiming at...
  • Owning all of my time (my ultimate goal)

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