12 January 2013

Captain Capitalism: The Shaming of John Galt

Captain Capitalism: The Shaming of John Galt
"As the "enlightened electorate" decides to ignore reality and go down the path of socialism they will once again face the annoying reality that it is against human nature to pay for other people's stuff.  And since it is their stuff that is threatened, they will have to go into overdrive to "shame" people for not wanting to become slaves.  Like the ramblings of the middle aged woman, it will not be sensical, it will not be logical, and it will theme on people who decide to work less and "go Galt" as being greedy or selfish.  It will be amorphous and intangible, assuming you somehow have a societal obligation to the country and "community" to work harder for the "larger good."  That there is something more important than the individual and only the most selfish and evil of people refuse to acknowledge the superiority of this commune.  It will also parallel (akin to feminist shaming language) is that you are not a "real man" or you are not "manning up" and owning up to your responsibilities you have to society.  In reality it is nothing more than shaming language and lies to get you to operate against your best interests.
I'd like to say most people have the intellectual capacity and independence to identify such BS or at least stand up to it.  Alas, the fact some many adult-children swallowed whole the global warming BS and now pursue "going green" as a religion (while mocking Christianity at the same time) only confirms a majority of them will actually believe they owe it to society to slave away for other people.  Just promise me a favor.  When the middle aged woman who's hopelessly brainwashed starts to lecture you for daring to only work 4 hours a day, do not be a fool and fall for it.  Shamelessly Enjoy the Decline instead."
Indeed. I've had this experience before, too. I like to turn it back on the drone who tries to heap shame on me for not wanting to sacrifice myself to the collective: I ask him/her if working to pay off someone else's debt is what they wanted to do with their life, are they enjoying it/does it make them happy, etc. Except for the hard core liars or the truly brain washed, they'll either say "no, but...", or they'll change the subject (which means, "no").  They almost never stop insisting that I should climb back into the sheep pen with them (the inflated ego/false self-esteem training people are raised with now prevents immediate admissions of error by most), but at least a trace of red pill gets into their system.

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