31 March 2019

Alternative Investing: Arkadia Moon Deeds in Entropia Universe

At the beginning of last year I wrote about Arkadia Moon Deeds within the MMO game, Entropia Universe. They are an alternative investment I have, one of several within the Entropia Universe, that make up a tiny sliver of my investments.

That post can be found here.

I wanted to write a quick update on the status of this investment, quick because I have to get on the road for a two-to-three day business project (on a weekend... ugh; as I say, "it has to be like this for now, so that it won't be like this forever).

As I predicted, the income from these deeds would be erratic at first, then stabilize and perhaps eventually grow. As of late, they have begun to pay 1 PEC daily (a Project Entropia Cent) daily. In the Entropia Universe Web Shop,  the minimum number that can be purchased at once is five deeds for $30 USD, or $6 USD each.

Project Entropia Dollars (PED) are pegged to the USD at 10:1. As such, $30 invested would yield .05 PECs daily, or 18.25 PED annually, which is roughly $1.83 USD, a yield of 6.08% annualized (before adjusting to find the tax-equivalent yield, that is, which is individual; in my case it comes out to 7.8%).

The deeds do not yet trade in the secondary market in-game, which will begin after all of them are sold via the web shop. The latest news I have seen on the number sold puts the remaining unsold inventory at 54k deeds out of 200k. The other deeds in the game that these are modeled on went on to appreciate significantly in price in the secondary market, the first deeds ever introduced to this day trading at roughly double their par value, and the second issue to follow, Arkadia Underground deeds, presently sit at a premium of roughly 50% over their par value.

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