16 August 2020

So someone told me recently that I should start a blog...

...and, yeah. 

He's right, mostly: I should start to blog. This one is just here waiting for me, after all. 

It was a discussion about bee keeping in which it came up, actually, it wasn't about blogging. My bee keeping exploits have been growing, I'm now managing six hives, and some folks are looking to me now for pointers. I could certainly turn that into content. 

If you want to see something cool (I think this is cool, anyway), check out my latest colony acquisition, a colony I cut out of the trunk of a standing tree last weekend.

That's certainly a place to start dusting off this blog of mine, and a topic to revisit in the future since bee keeping is becoming more of a thing with me. 

Otherwise in the last year+ I've been up to my usual, investing, and getting in more travel. I finally checked Belize off of my list of places to visit this past February. Let me tell you, it was nice:

Did some real estate shopping while I was there, found some good stuff but unfortunately the world went to Hell two weeks after I flew home so nothing has come of it as of yet. Definitely a place I'll go back to one day. Lots of other places are on my list though, so I'll keep exploring before I double back on any of my foreign excursions.

It's looking like Nicaragua is next on my list, and that also has to do with my investing and ex-pat aspirations (I also hate being cold, so I usually take these trips when the northern hemisphere is in winter). Primarily it's just plain curiosity that has me checking out other parts of the globe, but there's also business and tax considerations, plus my growing skepticism at the future prospects of the United States. On that note, I was supposed to be heading to Nomad Capitalist Live in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, next month. It's now in May of next year instead (virus stuff). As such, I may end up planting a flag overseas somewhere before I even attend the conference, we'll see.

There's definitely plenty to write about on my investing activities, especially over the past six months. In February, I had my entire household budget covered with passive income. By the end of March, I got knocked back to needing to come up with $232 per week. Not a bad place to end up in, all things considered, but disappointing none the less. Generally when I'm faced with stuff going wrong, I start rethinking my paradigms and adapting so I can keep moving toward my goal. That led me to not worry so much about "passive" income per se, shift my focus to "location-independent income," and explore approaches to that beyond dividend investing. I still have a healthy portfolio of dividend payers, but lately I've been using simple options strategies to generate income. In particular, I am a fan of "The Wheel":

Anyway, that's it for today I think. Like I said at the opening of the post, I agree with the suggestion that was made to me that I blog. I seem to have a collection of hobbies that people are really interested in. Also, considering what I just said about working on creating location-independent income, this is a good thing to put some effort into. This activity can become that, location-independent income, if I put the time in, so here we go. I think I'll just have to make sure that I stay consistent, but maybe keep things on the shorter side so I don't burn out on it. That said, thanks for reading!



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